MMA Schools and Training for Everyone in Georgia


If you are interested in learn mixed martial arts, or even traditional martial arts, take a moment to check out the our local training center. You will learn the latest techniques used for strength, conditioning, speed and power training for all types of martial arts.

 If you are more interested in MMA, you should consider learning our strength training and fitness classes. It is a combination of modern/traditional martial arts and modern exercise science. This is perfect for martial arts studio owners and fitness professionals.

Perhaps, you are more interested in cutting edge kickboxing and exercise programs. Learn dynamic flexibility, group exercise, self-defense and core training.

Country is Georgia (GE):

Regions are: Akhalgoris Raioni Akhmetis Raioni Borjomis Raioni Ch'khorotsqus Raioni Ch'okhatauris Raioni Dedop'listsqaros Raioni Dushet'is Raioni Goris Raioni K'arelis Raioni K'ut'aisi Kaspis Raioni Khashuris Raioni Mts'khet'is Raioni Qazbegis Raioni Sagarejos Raioni Tsalenjikhis Raioni Vanis Raioni Zestap'onis Raioni

Latitude: 41.9166666666667 Longitude: 44.0988888888889